KN95 Masks

In the context of the current COVID problem, healthcare providers are advised to protect themselves with a mask that has at least the qualification of KN95.

Why a KN95 mask

KN95 is a type designation for masks that block more than 95% dust particles, pollen, micro-organisms, and air pollution. The KN95 masks have been tested according to the protocol for FFP2 masks and have received valid certificates for this.

Our KN95 masks

Our masks are of top quality, for example, it is easier to breathe through than a standard mask. The inside is made of cotton which provides a softer feeling on the skin. The adjustable nose clip ensures a comfortable fit. The face is enclosed on four sides, preventing unfiltered air from being inhaled.

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More info on our masks:

  • 5-layer face mask with proven filtering
  • CE certified
  • FDA approved
  • Each mask is individually packed in a reusable plastic wrap that can be used to put the mask in at a later time.
  • The metal nose clip is comfortably placed on the inside rather than on the outside for added safety and comfort.


Filter capacity95%
Material2 non-woven layers, 2 melt blown layers, 1 hot air cotton layer;
Production year2020
Flowrate85L / min
Breathing resistance Pressure≤ 250 Pa
ClassificationKN95, niet medisch

KN95 masks should ideally be discarded after each use, especially when in contact with hazardous materials or after aerosolizing procedures. It should also be discarded if it becomes damaged or deformed, no longer forms an effective seal for the face gets wet or visibly dirty, breathing becomes difficult, or if it is contaminated with blood, secretions from the airways or nose, or other bodily fluids.

Product performance standard 2626-2019 is for the mouth-nose masks KN95, KP95 (FFP2), and KN100, KP100 (FFP3) are equivalent to EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009 by the Dutch. Our mouth masks meet this standard 2626-2019.

From May 25, a VAT rate of 0% applies to mouth masks in the Netherlands. These KN95 mouth masks are CE certified by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration USA).