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Multiple embodiments, including collar stays, glasses, watch bands, cufflinks and more

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Aesthetic Effect is a product development and production company specializing in video production and audio production. We have worked as the head of marketing for multiple international businesses and recorded audio and video for artists worldwide.  

We have currently started manufacturing our second patent and releasing multiple embodiments. We will first be releasing the collar stay. Customers will fill this with any cologne or perfume that the user would like to use and smell like their favorite scent all day long.

In the upcoming months, we will be releasing our glasses (both regular and sun) which, just like the collar stay, will be loaded with any perfume or cologne that the customer would like. We will also be releasing cufflinks, tie bars, necklaces, bracelets, watches, buttons, and other items.

Aesthetic Effect originally started as a production company, and we still offer many production and media needs. We not only have a great team in Connecticut, Florida, The UK, and The Netherlands, but we also have teamed up with some of the top professionals in the production industry. Our team works both virtually and in person so that we can help our customers in various areas.

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