The company

Aesthetic Effect is a product development company, as well as a production company that specializes in video production and audio production. We have worked as the head of marketing for multiple international businesses and have also recorded audio and video for artists around the world.  


We have currently started manufacturing of our second patent. Our second patent will be coming out in many different embodiments. We will first be releasing the collar stay. This will be able to be filled with any cologne or perfume that the user would like to use, and will last at least a full day, so that the user can smell like their favorite scent all day long.

Curent events

In the upcoming months we will be releasing our glasses (both regular and sun) which just like the collar stay will be able to be loaded with any perfume or cologne that the customer would like. We will also be releasing cufflinks, tie bars, necklaces, bracelets, watches, buttons, as well as other items.

Pre order now

You can buy the collar stay from the 1st of October 2021. To Pre-Order now click here, or Contact us at